Of Saka &Tangkal Pengasih

Married since 2006 with no kids

It has come to my attention that quite a number of people are worried with me not being pregnant.I never knew I headlined many ‘ngumpat’ aka chit-chat sessions. Lol. However, two incidents left a sour note with me.

 Rumor has it that I have a ‘Saka’ that prevents me from conceiving. What is a ‘Saka’? Well to make a long story short, it’s a supernatural creature – obviously with some powers to help. This information was shared to me by my sister.  A supposedly ‘wise’ lady told her this. I’m so sorry but I had a ‘WTF’ moment there and then. It doesn’t help that my other sister who was there too listening to the story for the first time began to look at me differently. I asked my sister; on what basis did the ‘wise’ lady concluded that I was the ‘lucky’ one. The lady said that ‘Kakak kau kan selalu pengsan-pengsan’ and many other ‘convincing’ instances. Wow, how enlightened.   So I must be cured by obviously a bomoh aka a shaman before I can conceive. One thing about sisters, they love you so much and at times, they can be irrational. Hey, I’m a sister too. Hence, I had my brother scolding them for having the slightest inclination to accept the supposed diagnosis of my inability to conceive.

 Next, another supposedly ‘wise’ lady wanted to help me. Trust me I swear I don’t go around with a face that screams I need help. I said I was okay with my current state. However, she said that I needed her help so that my MIL can be happy. Before anyone could interject, from what looked like a make-up bag, she slowly took out a necklace of precious stones.  At that moment, I went ‘Huh’. She kept asking if I have faith but I still went ‘Huh’. According to this ‘wise’ lady, I have to wear this necklace everywhere I go as I go about with all my activities. I must take care of it and dreams aka signs will come to me. The necklace acts a boost and also ‘tangkal pengasih’ aka talisman. I’m so sorry but I wanted to have a ‘WTF’ moment there and then but out of whatever respect I have left in front of some elderlies, I murmured a reject. With a stern face, she said ‘Kakak nak tolong tapi dia reject.’ Oh well, just one less house to go next raya for me.

The two ‘wise’ ladies are fashionable looking ladies in their forties. Just because I wear conservative clothing looking like a minah kampung, they must have really believed they would get a buy-in. I may love to read the horoscope section of any magazines (cheap thrill) but no matter what happens, seeking assistance from someone other than Allah is sheer polytheism. Even if it’s implied that my husband may leave me for another woman without that ‘tangkal pengasih’, I won’t regret it. Call me proud but hey people with kids divorce too. I believe Allah has a plan for everyone. He knows better. I shall only pray to be a better person.

Life is not perfect. Everyone has their own challenges but no matter what, one should only take recourse in patience and prayer. The next time I get this kind of proposal, it’ll be another WTF moment definitely. 🙂


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