Recent foreign adventures

Why do we go away? So that we can be better. Going away allows one to be swept away in reflective contemplation. A moment of silent is actually a loud moment.  Recent adventures have allowed us to think through our lives (count our blessings), dream our future and reflect our roles on earth. Sometimes, we need to look back in order to understand what lies ahead. You and me, our sojourns are brief. Before we share the details of our travels, here are some highlights.

1523015_10151848814060922_1274760046_oHorton Plains, Sri Lanka, Dec 2013.

1501580_10151848816445922_529245973_oMaldives, Dec 2013

1689713_10151941271845922_71746547_nTanjung Ringgit, Lombok, Feb 2014

To the people we met on our journey, thank you for the life lessons shared. For a moment, they maybe passing clouds in our lives but surely, God does not do things for fun. We met and parted after we have impacted each other the way it was supposed to be.  Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forward. We are all passengers on board the same ship called life. Till the next update. 🙂


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