That’s how we ended in Manila. God’s plans have always been great in retrospect. Sometimes what we think we need (more of want/desire/wish) may not be the best for us.

The call was unexpected but that seemed to be the norm in our lives. Our approach to decision making is simple. We seek Allah’s guidance through prayers and if it’s meant to be, He will ease our affairs. Thus when the company got back to us with a mosque and the assurance that the husband would be able to perform his Friday prayers, it was a clear sign that this assignment was Godsend. They would also provide him with daily halal lunch in the canteen. Coupled with acceptance from the whole family from both sides, we quickly took steps to reorganize our lives.

The husband left the following month to start his overseas stint. Since I was taking the graduating batch, I could only take my no pay leave after they were done with O levels. We sold our car but kept the flat. We did not shipped over a lot of our belongings. We are still unsure about what the future holds for us. On paper, we will be overseas for quite some time. Nonetheless, life is completely unpredictable.

Always be ready for CHANGE and have faith that God provides and guides.In the meantime, let’s enjoy the moments.😘


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