Silkroad (China Leg) Day 9


On our back to Singapore via Urumqi, we spent a good hour trying to check in our flights because the airport staff was uncooperative. We nearly missed our flight. Nonetheless, Alhamdullilah, after 13 hours of flight and transit, we reached home. That’s the end of my Silkroad 2013 travelogue. For more pictures of Day 6-9, click on Silk Road (China leg) III 2013. Happy viewing. 🙂

Just a short reflection which I shared on my Facebook wall dated 25 June 2013:

A friend shared a similar observation gained through her travels about the fact that we should not take for granted the fact that we are able to practice our faith with so much ease here. Yet, can we claim our faith is stronger or even on par with those who struggle to practice their faith on a daily basis? Suffering is indeed a gift. In it is hidden mercy.

Uyghur translation of Alfatihah.
Uyghur translation of Alfatihah.

I read with tears that my fellow Muslims in Xinjiang are facing further restrictions this Ramadan. Like I said before in the previous post, Allah knows best. For the latest news, click here.


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