Silkroad (China Leg) Day 7


Waking up to a sunrise at 5am in the Taklamakan desert (Xinjiang) was unforgettable. It was summer. The sun rose slowly and as the colours of the sky changed, I did my happy dance to the tune of Coldplay’s Paradise. – The Husband.20130705234842_1062200_101515246053_000p

Fajr was 4am Xinjiang time. I can hear Ayah reciting Quran verses in a distant after his subuh prayers as I ended mine. I was having many conversations in my head as I watched the skies changed colour, dark blue hues making way for orange ones.wpid-IMG_20130621_122326.jpg

Reflective mode ON. Thoughts about hopes, fears and ‘would my presence in this world made a difference at all?‘ kind of questions flooded the brain. Questions with no answers. Oh well, I will just learn to let go and keep the faith in God. Keep calm and let God lead. Since God has led me to this path, He will surely guide me through it. Insya’allah.

wpid-IMG_20130621_122217.jpgOh by the way, this was our tent in the desert. Instead of spending his limited annual leave in some 5 star hotels, enjoying his hard earned vacation, the husband was game enough to go on the trip. I would not say he went out of his comfort zone. He was never the type who was afraid to try new things and has always respected the cultures and religious views of places unknown. He mingles with anyone with ease. It’s just him. Nonetheless, deep down I know that he is in need of a holiday. His ideal trip would be lying on the beach and veg. So, I promise him December.wpid-IMG_20130621_122355.jpg

Anyway, back to the Silk Road – this was the husband with part of our breakfast. We had a light breakfast of boiled water, eggs and bread after sunrise. To avoid the summer heat,  we rode our camels back to the base earlier. image

Back in Kashgar, we walked around the old city and dropped by both the vibrant night market and Id Kah Mosque. Id Kah Mosque is one of the largest mosque in China. The mosque could accommodate more than ten thousand people, especially during Friday prayers or festive period, like Eid Fitr.


We were told that the locals would often take turns to donate for Iftar (break fast) during the Ramadan period. It was heartening to know that the mosque is always full of worshipers and not just another tourist attraction.

SIlkroad (China Leg) III 2013

Strolling around and having a look into the shops is like diving into a time long ago. Time does not seem to move here. Modernization seemed to have skipped Kashgar. Everything is still made by hand.Kashgar Old TownSupposedly, it was here in Kashgar, the feeling of Kabul in the 1970s was successfully recreated for the movie ‘The Kite Runner’. There’s a haunting beauty in the timeless and ancient streets of Kashgar. After a good walk, we treated ourselves to a sweet watermelon to end the day.


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