Silkroad (China Leg) Day 5


After our light breakfast, we made our way back to Kashgar. It was a silent understanding between us and Rapkat that if we could not access any western toilets that day, we would not mind simple meals. We were not particular if we were shortchanged based on our eating habits. Some of the meals were covered by ORT but hey our no western toilet woes was bogging Tqa, especially.


So our simple meal usually consist of a small piece of bread and a small bowl of tea. It was okay really, we lost weight and looked healthier. Lol.


On our way back, we made a detour to Oytagh Glacier Park. It was not part of the itinerary. I agreed with Rapkat that I could still take the photo of the glacier from afar and skipped the entrance fee of RMB50 per person. But hey, we completed a 12km hike yesterday. So we were on a roll. Once again, we underestimate the upslope hike. If one is fit, the hike would take about 20 minute considering the high altitude  but we took about 30-35minutes to see the glacier about 100m away from us. Yup, it was that close. But the local ladies were fantastic, they hiked in heels and they had picnics there. So much for feeling adventurous. Lol, again.


We were told that previously everyone could hike towards the glacier, however due to the rain, it was deemed risky and hence the barricade for safety reasons. But yet again, locals have been known to break the rules. Besides hiking, one could choose a donkey or a motorbike ride up, about RMB20 and RMB10 respectively.


After much photo taking, we continued our journey back to Seman hotel in Kashgar. The rest of the day was free and easy. We wanted to eat chicken and ended up at a local fast-food. The food was so-so and as expected more expensive than the local fare.


We did a leisure stroll around the area, bought some snacks for Taklamakan Desert trek and camp and used the internet at the hotel lobby courtesy of ORT’s office before calling it a day.

For more pictures of Day 3-5, click on Silk Road (China leg) 11 2013. Happy viewing. 🙂


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