Silkroad (China Leg) Day 3


We started the day with a trip to the atm to pay the balance of our tour cost. Oldroadtours’ office is located at the lobby of Seman Hotel where we stayed for the night. Seman Hotel is a a 3 star Uyghur styled hotel. We are not fussy travelers so this was okay by our standards. After all, this trip was not meant to be a vacation.
Breakfast was not a typical Kashgar style but it was to our liking. Rapkat was spot on when it came to our taste buds. So we had sesame buns with homemade strawberry and apricot jam plus eggs. However, the milk tea – tea with fresh cow’s milk, was an acquired taste.

We started our day with a visit to a lively market in Opal village. Nearly everything can be found in the market, you name it, they would probably have it.IMG_3525

However, the most liveliest place would be the livestock market. Selling and buying livestocks (lambs and cows) between the owner, middle person and the buyer were taking place at every corner of the market.

IMG_3529Akad, the contract, was done on the spot with many witnesses nodding in approval. The whole atmosphere felt more like a festival than a market, as locals dressed to the nines in suits and pretty dresses.

IMG_5056Apparently, the market place was where everyone from different villages could meet up and interact with one another.


A place to catch up on the latest gossip, maybe. After picking up some fruits and provisions, we went on the Karakoram highway (KKH).


This is the road that connects China and pakistan. Not for those with altitude sickness. The highest elevation is 4,693m. We did 4,2000m.

Karakoram HighwayThis has got to be one of the most scenic highway I have ever been. The views along the way were just gorgeous. The road was a bit bumpy but otherwise it was okay.


Yes indeed, we live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. Even though I was there, it felt more like a backdrop painting or something. It feels fake, photoshop somehow. We made a stopover for lunch along the KKH and the view was just breathtaking. IMG_5087

Along the way, we stopped for awhile at the Karakul Lake to catch a glimpse of our stay in Yurt for the next day. We were supposed to stay that night but Rapkat decided to postpone it to the next night since Tqa had yet to recover from her stomachache. It was a good call.


So we ended up in Tashkurgan for the night instead after a total of 6 hours plus on the road. Tashkurgan, Stone Fortress, is a small but yet modern city.We were reminded of Innsbruck because Tashkurgan is surrounded by gorgeous mountains too.


Up in the mountains, the start of summer sees temperature from 5 to 0 degrees so do bring warm clothing which we failed to bring. Tsk, tsk, tsk, we never learned from our Nepal trip. Its pretty windy here during summer. We were definitely underdressed since we underestimated the power of nature. As for winter, we were told that it can be as low as minus 30 degrees, it’ll be one of those dreary cold winters sans the snow. Hence, winter season is off season for tours. It was freaking cold in the evening, so we had a quick tour around the area where we stayed (Traffic Hotel) and then called it a day. So much for a hot summer holiday.


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