Recap: short getaways


Hongkong with the husband went not as planned. The husband decided to abandon the plan  and so our Hong Kong trip had no sight seeing. We came for the food and milk tea. Lucky the last time I came with my parents, I did the tour. This husband of mine just want to chill and eat noodles. Our revised itinerary (in blue) went as follows:

1. Hong Kong Day 1

  • 0130hrs: Spore to Hong Kong Flight. Flight was delayed. So we left about 2am. Note to self: no more pass midnight flights especially for short getaways. 
  • 0510hrs: Hong Kong international Airport. We reached close to 7 ish am.
  • 0700hrs: Popeye. We skipped breakfast and made our way to the boat, our accomodation. Saral, the owner, was nice enough to allow early check-in. His boat was exactly like what was described in Airbnb. Waking up to the scenery below was a bonus.IMG_20130524_090619

And his two cats are charming. One must love cats.


  • 0800-1200hrs: Tung Chung Station: Ngong Ping 360 crystal cabin (Lunch – Ebeneezer Halal Kebab & Pizza­) & Citygate Outlet. 0830-1030hrs: We had breakfast, took a nap and freshened up.IMG_20130524_094201
  • 1300hrs: Halal Dimsum tea –  take a cab from Wan Chai MTR to 5th floor Masjid Ammar and Osman RamjuSadick Islamic Centre  (40 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong) or  on foot, get off at Wan Chai Station, exit at A3 Johnston Road, turn left, walk straight on the other side of the road until you see Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grill on the left and The Charterhouse building on the right, walk into the carpark of The Charterhouse building which will lead you to another road and you’ll see the mosque. (Pack dinner) 1130-1400hrs: We had Dimsum tea and did our Jumaat Prayers.
  • 1500hrs: Tram to Central, Walk to Tram Terminus to take tram to Victoria Peak. 1400-1630hrs: We covered the shopping strip.


  • 1800hrs: Boat Moksha – Shum Wan Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong: To get there, take bus 72A or 75 towards Aberdeen and alight at the terminus. Water taxis ($7) will take you to the boat from the dock opposite the bus terminus. 1700hrs: Dinner @ Islamic Canteen & back to Boat Moksha

2. Hong Kong Day 2

  • 1000hrs: Wan Chai station: Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre for Dim Sum breakfast cum lunch. We did this.IMG_20130525_183816
  • 1200hrs: Central Star Ferry Piers to Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok station: Walking around Mongkok, Ladies market. We went in search of electronics stuffs.
  • Solat @ Kowloon Mosque, Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui at the corner of Nathan Road and Haiphong Road next to Kowloon Park. We had lunch at Ma’s Restaurant at Prince Edward.IMG_20130525_185216
  • 1700hrs: Early Dinner: Islam food is located at No. 1 Lung Kong Road or Bismillah Kebab, Shop No. 75 at Chung King Mansion near to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. We went to Citygate outlet and prayed at some corner.
  • Tsim Sha Tsui MTR: Avenue of Stars & 8pm the Symphony of Lights Show. 1900hrs: Dinner @ Islamic Canteen & back to Boat Moksha


  • 2100: Boat Moksha – Shum Wan Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong: To get there, take bus 72A or 75 towards Aberdeen and alight at the terminus. Water taxis ($7) will take you to the boat from the dock opposite the bus terminus.

3. Hong Kong Day 3

  • 0800hrs – cab to Hong Kong international Airport We took public transport and had breakfast at Popeyes.IMG_20130524_064322
  • 1100hrs: Hong Kong to Spore Flight

So Hong Kong was great even though we sidetracked quite a bit.


Batam with the girlfriends also did not go as planned. We were supposed to depart from TMFT at 9am but we only left at 10am. Due to a miscommunication, we had to re-arrange our Ecotour to the next day. Nonetheless, we manage to book our spa on the first day and spent a lot of time bonding. And yes, Montigo Resorts is awesome. I was trying to imagine if it would be a better experience had I gone with my husband but the answer was NO.  The husband does not do spa, lucky for me, he does not allow other women aside from me to massage him. And going to the spa alone is no fun. As for Ecotour, the husband also would not like the idea of a tiresome retreat. Thus, when the girlfriends chose the resort, I said YES. It is only for a night, the husband gets the much needed time to do work and the price is split by 3, what’s not to like. Married women should not leave husband and jalan-jalan? I’ll share my thoughts on that in another post. In the mean time, here are some photos worth remembering. For hijabis, please get the seaview villa for privacy and bring your own toiletries, the soap contains rum. So yes this being a luxury resort, expect to pay more for many things. Nonetheless, we had an awesome time pampering ourselves there.

The villa with an indoor 1.2m pool.
The villa with an indoor 1.2m pool.
Spa by the beach.
Spa by the beach.
The famous cube structure.
The famous cube structure.
I love boats.
I love boats.


Melaka with the husband, father and sister also did not go as planned, what else is new? It was a last minute thing. A lot of accommodation was fully booked. I used airbnb to get hold of some nice shophouses but too bad, most were fully booked. We ended up at Quayside Hotel, located by the river, facing Casa Del Rio. For the price we paid, we were very happy. The service was great and the room was comfy. The only downside was the walls and floor were too thin, if you’re a light sleeper, then this is not for you.

What we did? We walked along Jonker Street. I think it was a first for both Ayah and Atiqa. The initial plan was to drive out but since the parking was not easy being a weekend, we opted to stay put and did plenty of walking. Plus, eating.

the usual suspects
the usual suspects
Quayside Hotel - refurbished warehouse
Quayside Hotel – refurbished warehouse
superior room
Halia Inc – brekkie
Night view
Cendol Jam Besar – Durian Fuyooo
Lauk Melaka – Asam pedas daun limau purut
Ais krim old skool
Rojak buah, Satay celup, Satay biasa dan Aneka Mi

Then the next day, we drove to Klebang. We visited my maternal grandparents’ graves. They were true blue Malaccans. Said some prayers and surveyed the area. There are a few bars around the area since it is by the beach. Hopefully, the drunkards don’t find themselves waking up in the graveyard.

Alfatehah – maternal grandparents, native Malaccans

We visited Nek Bibah. She is my late mother’s step mother. She takes care of the house left behind my late mother and her late father. At the same time, she and my step aunt runs a traditional belacan stall to pass time. This is where I get my supplies of belacan, dodol, cincalok, petis and budu. After that, home sweet home.

Gerai belacan no 52.

So that pretty much sums up my mid term short trips. Yup, I’m just another tourist making a few stops, here and there. 😉


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