The happiest people are not those who have many things but those who make the best of what they have.

Nowadays whenever people make passing comments about my life, about the ability to travel because I don’t have children, I would just shrug it off and walk away. More often surely they will continue to comment that they will never give up their lives with children for a lifestyle like mine, hinting to me, my life has no meaning.

Oh well, if putting down others make them feel better, than be it. No amount of witty comments or comeback will improve the situation. In fact, it will further reinforce a stereotype – married women without kids are heartless/unkind.

So is my life any less meaningful than those with kids? How about those who are not married? How about those who are divorced with kids? Does the number of kids matter? Does one’s marginal utility of a meaningful life increases with additional kid?

In the first place, how do you compare lives when everyone is faced with different challenges. Life has many variables, the only constant is change.

I have learnt that at the end of the day, everyone is answerable to God. Parents/siblings/spouses/children/relatives are on loan from God to us to exercise our responsibility as Muslims. They don’t belong to us and God knows if we are going to be reunited in hereafter. They are a joy to have but life would not be in anyway meaningless without them.

God does not do things without meaning. No life is better than the other and the reverse holds true.

Syukur means letting go of one’s inability to control life and accepting God’s plan willingly. Only when we learn to let go and accept, we will see that His  plan was the best.

Someone always reminded me that God is the best designer and I hope our lives are much better now.



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