Learn for leisure


So I have another certificate added with the completion of my android application development course. Looking back, I have quite a number of ICT certificates – CSS, adobe photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver and Protools to name a few.

However, by acquiring those skills, has my job effectiveness increased or my career prospects improved? If the outcome of those superfluous certification does not increase any material benefit, why still go through it?

As a teacher, why did I voluntarily learn programming? Shouldn’t I be pursuing my teaching subject at a higher level, PHD (since I completed my masters 6 years ago) ? Except, this narrowing specialisation might impede innovative thinking. Then again, I never believed in specialisation; 4 years of Economics in university and 2 years of Malay for masters, I’m a problematic case. Hey that’s me – I need the flexibility in life to ponder and wander.


Programming might not be my forte but there is no harm in learning this skill. Who knows one day given enough resources, I might write an application. One fine day.

Nonetheless,it does not matter if that happens or not, my point is one should not limit one’s advanced learning objectives to areas one is likely to be comfortable with. One might just open up oneself to learning opportunities that might appear unimaginable initially. At the very least, one is introduced to fresh perspectives and perhaps that new challenge that one has been yearning for so long. To the lucky ones, it may unlock your hidden talent and could nicely land you that promotion/raise or even both.

BUT, this positive thinking comes with the completion of every course/skill learned. Along the way, I have always questioned myself why did I put myself through it. The truth is, learning is never easy – assignments and exam stress. Yet advanced education should not stop, no matter at what age.

Note: I completed the recent Android programming course with my 64 year old dad.


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