Instagrammer addict

The world is much smaller, and way more enriching now, thanks to Instagram mostly; giving me ideas on where to go, what to see, and which cafe to go to.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter,  the photo-sharing application, Instagram, allows me to peer out into what the great world has to offer or discover the world in a different light through the photos of travel instagrammers. I confess the bimbo in me also follow celebrities. That’s another post, altogether.

Many of us have harboured dreams of travelling the world, living brand new experiences and gaining fresh perspectives. But to leave everything behind for the thrill of seeing the world isn’t what a typical Singaporean would do or should do. Let me clear my HDB debt first.

Meanwhile, let me satiate my wanderlust through the more sensible alternative, Instagram. I love inspirational photographs of natural landscape in exotic destinations and colorful photographs from off the beaten track travel Instagrammers. Yup, it’s no surprise my favourite channel is TLC. Anyone wants to pay me to travel? Wait, the hubby will have to tag along. Maklumlah, he is my muhrim. So let me rephrase, anyone wants to pay us to travel? *insert dead silence here.* No worries.Let me just dream on. My dreams are mine to follow.

Orites, till the next social feed trend.



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