Work to live, not live to work

“A ‘good job’ can be both practically attractive while still not good enough to devote your entire life to.” – Author Alain de Botton.

Like the quote above suggests, life is not all about work. I’m not using this post to justify my lackadaisical attitude towards charting a career for myself. The hubby acknowledges his wife is an underachiever, and he even jokes I’m good at it. I’m too embarrassed at times to share my achievements because it makes me look like a loser now. Oh well, all those skills have not gone to waste.

I may not be a high flyer but I get to enjoy life more than most people. Okay, that’s what I choose to think. I am not defined by my performance reviews because I don’t peg my personal worth closely to my job. Nonetheless,  Teaching has been a great ego booster and positive reinforcement to my values. Plus I love kids.Yet, I still ask myself too often,  “Is this what I’m meant to do?”

My work pays my holidays and bills. The current pay is good for me. Anything more is welcomed, of course. However, I don’t actively pursue promotions which will mean more pay. There is so much more to life than work! I am at the self actualization level in life which is a process of growing and developing as a person in order to achieve individual potential ( refer to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). Otherwise known to many as mid life crisis, hehe.

We will all grow old and weak one day.That day may come early or later for me. I don’t want to be nodding off to some TV3/Astro Malay dramas, wishing I spent more time slogging in the office, or dealing with office politics.The last thing I want to regret is not giving myself time to enjoy life.

More reasons to escape? You bet.



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