Sharing is caring or TMI?

Someone I know questioned the need to share photos or thoughts with people on the net. Being teachers, it is not a wise idea. You may never know when you’ll be misquoted and what you do and post online will be used against you. So why post at all? Students, they may form a certain judgment about you and may not take you seriously.  So is it wise? My stand is the students have already formed their impression of you the day you start teaching them. Sometimes we teachers give ourselves too much credit. I understand the need to role model and etcetera so I do stay clear of the taboo subject. If people are going to misinterpret my intentions, what else is new?

I have many social media accounts and I practice differentiation. Different groups have different access to my different accounts.  I make a conscious effort to post different things to different platforms. I regularly do ‘clean up’. Don’t we all have fair weather friends? And as for students, after a year or so without any communication, they will be dropped off. My accounts are private with the exception of this blog. This blog was started by the husband who wanted to document our marriage life, romantic konon. Along the way, he stopped blogging and I took over.

My LOs a.k.a Learning Objectives for having this blog are as follows:

1)Tell my life story. If one day I have a child and he/she did not have the chance to meet/grow with me, I want him/her to read about my life here.  I grew up with my dad writing letters to me so I want to continue that tradition. Then one might ask how sincere is the writing if I am sharing it publicly. How special can it be? To tell you the truth, I doubt many people are reading the blog. People bloghopped and left. This blog does not have any meaning to them. However, it will have a special place by default to one’s own child.

2)Documentation of the road less travelled trips we took. I want to document about the places I go to online because I ran out of space with my scrapbooks. I used to make scrapbooks of where I travelled to. Another plus point, no silverfishes. But I can’t post stupid photos or share photos without the hijab? I prefer photos of places not people.

3)Writing therapy and support for those in similar situations. I kept a documentation of my mother’s struggle with cancer for my friends’ reference. A good friend of mine suggested this as a form of therapy for me and reference for other friends.

4)An outlet to let off some steam. I also wrote my thoughts of being a married woman without kids who is always judged by the community. My thoughts may not worth a lot but hey I need a place for a shoutout. Skip it if it does not apply to you.

5)Quick updates about me without picking the phone – Lastly, this blog is an update of my life so that those people who cared for me are informed. This group of people knows who they are. Thanks for still thinking of me despite of whatever has happened. 😉

With that, I will try to adhere to my own LOs. I am a teacher afterall. If I have to think twice about posting something, I would not do it. Any clarification, please email me. 🙂


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