A gift of travel


I have no children of my own. However, that does not mean I am averse to them. I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews at the moment. I was inspired by some blog I blog-hopped that I decided to gift them the gift of travel on their 18th birthday. This has been discussed with my sister who suggested the appropriate age she deemed her kids are ready for an adventure with someone aside from their parents. My initial suggested age was 25 which she deemed as too old.

So here goes my proposal: The niece/nephew will get to choose any country they would like to travel to for a week. Nothing more than a week because we all have our commitments. The all expenses paid travel’s only catch is they have to travel with me, their aunt, their Mak Long. Easy? Not really. They grew up with knowing that their Mak Long is fierce and no fun. Haziq was the first to reject my gift when I first told him. The thought of spending time with Mak Long in a foreign country for 7 days terrified him. Nonetheless, after much thought he was very happy because it would mean he gets to go to theme parks overseas and sleep in hotels. What would you expect from kids at 9 years old. I doubt he would want to go for such trips at 18 years. He managed to get Isya and Aniq to sign the contract. They were estatic. I am left with Nuhaa who is still too young to read and understand the contract. I’ll wait for her to reach 7 years and tell her.

Sweet? Maybe. It’s a win-win situation for me. I get to bond with my niece/nephew and a new travel partner. So I’m looking forward to 2022 for the first gift to be claimed.


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