Life is never going to be quite the same again after your passport has been stamped.

passport stamps

Here is a compilation of all the stamps we got after our marriage. Some thoughts behind each stamp:

Bali 2006 – Our first overseas stamp together other than Malaysia stamps. It was our honeymoon, very much in love and somewhat slim.

Bangkok 2006. 2007 and 2009 -shopping trips for our house. We carried home a bench and many big lamps. We took budget airlines and stayed at 2 star hotels.

Turkey 2007 – 1st time we followed a tour group. It was rather straightforward. We went everywhere as per itinerary planned. What we liked – the package was value for money and covered most of Turkey. However, we decided after that, no more tour groups. We spend quite a lot of time waiting for people. So now we go free and easy, at our own pace.

China 2007 – We did the romantic route and celebrated Eid Ul Adha overseas for the first time.

Manchester 2008, 2012 – I married a Man United fan. Enough said.

Japan 2008 – Followed the hubby on his working trip.

Paris 2008 – We didn’t go googoogaga over Eiffel, Louvre, Longchamps , LVs or anything French.

Rome 2008 – Our best photos were captured here. Rome makes one wants to hold hands and be spontaneous – be it the urge to dance in fountains, to get lost in the coliseum or jump on a motorbike. If it’s true romance you want, it has to be Rome.

Kashmir 2009 – We were both busy with our work lives and it was not easy planning for a trip together. In Kashmir, we met an old married Malay couple who had kids who didn’t want them. It was heart wrenching hearing their stories about their grown up kids who were not close to them. It was also sad to know they were growing old together because they had no one else, not because they were still in love with each other. The old woman fell into the river while the husband looked on undisturbed. She was saved by other onlookers. I believe we meet people for a reason. Either they’re a blessing or a lesson. I pray if we’re still together, may it be for the right reasons.

Delhi 2009 – One time was enough, really.

Phuket 2010 – Loved it cause we upgraded to a penthouse with indoor pool, Movenpick. From that moment, we will always ask for upgrades. Nothing to lose. Those were the days when Airasia had mystery packages – flight + 5 star accommodation at 3 star prices.

Bandung 2010, 2012 – Food haven for foodies like us. Doyan amat.

Madrid 2010 – Spain was easy to travel on our own. We love Renfe trains. And the hostals are definitely cheap and value for money.

Morocco 2010 – Via Andalusia. the best trip has to be the unplanned one. We threw caution to the wind and hitchhiked halfway through Morocco from the border. Alhamdulillah, we met good and honest people.

Vietnam, Cambodia 2011 & 2012 – Celebrated Eid Ul Adha with the Cham community.

Nepal 2011 – We did some mountain climbing, our first.

Saudi Arabia 2011 – 1st umrah together as a couple, last with my mom.

Jordan 2011 – Remembered running around at night because my mom had lost a lot of blood. I don’t know if I can go back there again. Too many painful memories. Sometimes, we don’t remember the place as it is. We remember moments.

Egypt 2011 – Pyramids are overrated. I remembered seeing them for the first time and went, “that’s it?!”

London 2008, 2012 – We had a stamp with the train for 2012 because we entered via eurostar from Brussels.

Barcelona, Frankfurt, Brussels 2012 – The hubby was on ‘sabbatical leave’, thus the long vacation.

Every passport stamp has a special place in our hearts as it evokes certain memories. We didn’t travel just for collecting passport stamps but it sure was fun to flip a passport and be transported back to our pasts. Lucky for us, our passports give us a chance to relive some of the best — and most memorable — moments of our lives. A certain trip will meant something to us at that point in our lives. And that meaning changes over time. Personally, I wish I could travel in my line of work but then again, I don’t like traveling alone. I love sharing sunrises and sunsets with those who matter. Till the next stamp.


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