Silk Road Trip

This was an overdue trip. It was scheduled for last June 2012. However, due to my late mother’s deteriorating health conditions then, we postponed it to this year. We managed to cancel our flights but we were only partially refunded. Oh well, time spent with your loved ones is priceless. No regrets. My late mother passed away in August 2012. We were fortunate the local tour operator in Kashgar (Abdul Wahab Tours) understood our situation and offered to hold on to our deposit. For that, we are grateful.


How did we get to know of Abdul Wahab Tours? Well, it was through word of mouth. My childhood friend, Emillia, went with them on her solo trip. To tell you the truth, I trust my friend more than any reviews I read online. With her recommendation, I was hooked and the email correspondence started as early from 16 Jan 2012. It has been a smooth communication to and fro. I look forward to the trip soon. This time around, I be bringing along my little sister and my dad too.  Initially, we had in mind a more adventurous trip but with my dad around, the hubby is pleased to know that trip will be more comfortable. Insya’allah.


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