When we got married in 2006, mine was a small scale wedding. The hubby was the first son to be married off, so his was bigger than mine. My second sister had the honor to be the first to be married off from my side. It’s normal for families to concentrate on having a big scale wedding if it’s their first child’s wedding. For me it’s okay. I am by nature very thrifty. My wedding budget was tight too since we already got our HDB flat. Thus, we had to concentrate on making sure the flat was livable by our standards.

So for my wedding, I did the cards, room and wedding gifts decoration with the help of my dad and paternal aunt. Thank God for my creative Dad. Spent money only on the simple makeup package, wedding dais plus decor, food and wedding favors. We got a free Jaguar as our ride courtesy of the hubby’s relative. Photo shoot and video was done in house by my uncle. It was a simple void deck wedding. As much as I wish for a lavish wedding with all the works, I had to be practical.

The only thing I missed having was a proper outdoor photo shoot. It was out of the question since our budget will burst. When we got married, the hubby was a struggling executive who just started working. His parents helped him a lot with his finances. So we do away without it. After all, when one has love, one has everything (newlyweds’ bliss). Others are peripherals. Plus, only the Nikah aka the solemnization bit is the important bit.

Nevertheless, we hope to have one come 2016 to mark our 10th anniversary as a reminder we’ve come so far. An outdoor photo shoot for every 10 years after, Insya’allah. Hopefully we will still be gazing into each other’s eyes. Just us, with lotsa love. đŸ™‚



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