2012 In Retrospect

My FB status Jan 2012 was as follows: Life can be so fragile. Sometimes in life bila Allah nak menguji kita sekejap sahaja. Can u imagine getting up in the morning your usual self is not there anymore? 2012, a year to spend more time with your loved ones, the ones who really matters. The rest can wait. Pray for a smooth start to the new year, no accidents (i.e.house, car, loved ones etc). Never like welcoming the new year with a bang/spark/drip/smoke etc. :s

And as it turned out, 2012 was an eventful year for me.

1. Started the year going to hospitals. Ibu was diagnosed with cancer advance stage on my birthday in January.

2. I went on part time teaching scheme to accompany Ibu on her treatments.

3. Took many No-Pay-Leaves whenever Ibu’s condition deteriorates.

4. Cancelled a few trips to stay in Singapore.

5. Ibu passed away in August.

6. Is resigned in August.

7. Went on 3 trips to heal the heart or so I think.

2012 was all about Ibu. I even tried to change work location and succeeded so that I can moved to Woodlands. That was the plan if Ibu had persevered.

Come 2013, I really do not know what to hope for or even expect. Starting the year as the sole income earner meant I have to work harder. Nope, I’m still at the current work place. Due to manpower constraints (or so they claimed), I will only be moving to the new workplace after May 2013. It’s really not an ideal situation for me to start work halfway in a new place. Come what may, I’ll just have to keep going.

Then the moving out to Woodlands to be with Ayah will take place end January. We will be doing some major refinancing on our part. Our house will be rented out. Maybe for a year until Ayah’s house meets the MOP requirements.

As for the hubby, I pray for good health and his 8 January check up turns out okay/not a cause to worry. If it’s not to be, then bring it on. Insya’allah, 2013 will be another year for growth and getting closer to Allah.



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