Small but perfect pieces of forever

It has always been a dream to be able to travel with one’s loved one for me since young. Every time I wandered into some blogs featuring photos of lovey couples travelling, I wish it was me and my boyfriend. So, this was only possible when I finally got married. I’m still conservative in the sense that I would not travel overseas with a boyfriend, even in groups.

Lucky me, the husband loves to travel.  As an individual, the husband is an efficient traveler who often travel for work.  But when travelling with his wife, his personality changes. He usually likes to take it slow. It can be irritating at times. Nonetheless, travelling with a control freak a.k.a me, the wifey, is not everyone’s cup of tea.Love

It has been 6 years plus of marriage and counting, and every year, we or at least I made it a point to travel together, overseas. So far, it has been great. We complement each other very well. As for lovey dovey shots, I’ve came to a realization that we prefer shots of our surroundings instead. Must be the dah kahwin mentality. We met quite a number of honeymooners during our trip. It’s always fun to note the following:

1) they will be decked in matching gears – boots, bags etc.
2) the wifey will be buying lots of stuffs while the husband pays/smiles.
3) cost is no issue when love is in the air.
4) their conversations are peppered with lovey namesakes.
5) they always look good so that they are always ready for any photo pic opportunity.
6) they take turns taking camera shots of each other.

For us, the above mentioned no longer applies. We’re okay with that. We even got separated a number of times as we wandered off on our own but the husband believes that we will find our way to each other eventually. Cue lagu ‘Muara hati’. Lol.

Anyway, here are the few couple shots a.k.a the small but perfect pieces of forever that made their way out of the 2000+ photos we took. Till the next entry.


Love @ -20 deg C – Jungfraujoch. We were at the top of Europe in Dec 2012.


We did and survived the romantic road.


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