UK Agro Farm

It was one of those days when I wake up and read my FB newsfeed before figuring out what to do that day. Hey, I have to wait for the other half to bathe. Anyway, lo and behold, a friend took her brood to the UK Agro farm the day before for a learning journey (LJ). I’m a teacher, so any trip that is educational is termed LJ. It looked fun and it was perfect. We were at Nusa (Ayah’s place) with 3 kids (not ours) on a Monday. What a way to skip away the Monday blues. So I wasted no time and activated all 7 of us to move quickly into the car by 830 in the morning.

The location:

Plot 8, Projek Pertanian Moden Kluang, KM13,
Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.

Armed with our google map, we had no problems finding the place. It is easy to access, near Jalan Air-Hitam, Kluang. The road is bumpy as there are no tar road. Our car was covered with dust when we came out. Too bad, the husband spent the day before washing it. He was not loving the gravel road and kept hinting a SUV would be a good purchase if we are going for such trips in future. After a long slightly bumpy 6km dirt trail into the farm with views of  cows grazing along the way, we were greeted by the  friendly staff when we alighted.

We took the horse cart  at RM170 for 4 people which was quite fun; the horse turned out to be really fast. We loved it because we could move around the Farm at our own time and pace.The estimated tour duration is 2.5-3 hours  and our tour lasted about there. The main difference between the Mini-bus and Horse Cart tours is that the Mini-bus tour comes with a guide, who will explain the going-ons behind the various stop points in the Farm. Also, we will have to purchase our own feed (RM3 per packet) at the goat feeding and ostrich feeding areas for the Horse Cart Option.

Station #1 : Herb Sanctuary – various herbs with scientific names. It was okay. I’m no Ms green fingers. Sorry no photos, I forgot.

Station #2 : Goat Pen – mechanical milk feeding was demonstrated to feed the young goats. Here, one could hug and cuddle weeks old baby goat. The only downside was the smell.

Station #3 : Ostrich Farm – Don’t they look pretty. Picture bubbled conversations between this two. 🙂

Station #4 : The Jakun (Indigenous) Village –  houses are 100% stable, and 100% made from wood and leaves. The kiddos found great joy in scaling the tall Tree-house.

Station #5 : Milk Feeding for the little goats. When the goats saw us approaching, they  bleated with enthusiasm. The ‘warm’ welcome caused Aniq to think they all wanted to eat him. Hence the wailing on his part.
Station #6 : The Fruit Farm – Being a Singaporean, it was refreshing to see vast area of lands for farming. Quite relaxing.
Station #7 : Organic & Mushroom Farm With free-tasting of cooked organic mushroom with sweet and sour sauce – it tasted like acar. An unfortunate moment was when we ran out of the dark mushroom houses because we got bitten by red ants! Lesson learnt – must wear covered shoes next time.
Station #8 : Mini Zoo – more kambings but by the time semua dah penat. One can catch the running sheep at a price.

I would recommend a visit for city dwellers like us to unwind with panoramic views of green slopes and beautiful pastures. My Samsung Note 2 camera could not do the place justice. Cantik sangat. Hence it’s no surprise to see couples doing their outdoor wedding shoot there. The sunset view must be gorgeous.

It is really a good place to relax and return to nature, especially for family with kids.

In all, the kiddos had lots of fun, climbing tree houses, playing on primitive swings, feeding goats, ostriches and getting up close and personal with the animals. The farm experiences made up for the initial rocky inroad. The routine of the whole tour was very well organized and not too rushed. As for the food, it is HALAL, but the cooking style is very skewed to Chinese cooking and we did not have any because the pricing was as expected, expensive.

Our tip: pick a sunny day and go early in the morning. Skip the package with the meal. Load up on your pratas during breakfast. Lunch, Machap R&R is just 10 mins away and there are nearby Malay restoran kampung style, if you’re not fussy. Don’t forget to pack some snacks for the kiddos. Overall, it was a day well spent. 🙂


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