Rewarding ourselves

I came across the above caption in last month’s teacher mag and now that school’s out, it is time to reward myself. There are many ideas to reward oneself, it ranges from buying a designer bag to anything as simple as the pleasure of waking up late everyday till school reopens. Whatever rocks your boat, as long as to you it is your way of rewarding yourself of the hard work that eventually paid off. No judgement. We all have our own weaknesses. Nonetheless, it is very important to reward oneself. It’s about treating yourself better, more like rejuvenating yourself.

Don’t feel guilty about it. It’s only when we treat ourselves better, we can treat others whom we care even better.Taking a break from work also put everything into perspective. It gives you time to reflect and learn from the process, your right decisions, some wrong ones, and mistakes that you should swear to avoid making in the future.

As for myself, I abide by the adage, “Work hard, play harder.”  Sometimes, I think I play too hard. That’s just me being an Aquarius. Initially, the upcoming trip was supposed to be put on hold until the hubby resumes working.   It took us lots of contemplation, budget consideration and many other stuffs before giving it a go. Eventually, the trip finally materialize after realizing it was an overdue much-deserved reward. Why? These are our 4 reasons:

1. We have been spread thin lately. Both of us are workaholics, drowning ourselves in too much work that our personal lives take a beating. We see each other off before sunrise and meet after sunset. Let’s face it, achieving goals at work entails a lot of hard work and focus. But the process also takes its toll on us as workers and as spouses. With Ibu’s recent battle with cancer, it has been a draining 2012 for us. So hopefully, we get to get a break together doing what we both enjoy, travel. At the same time, our batteries get to recharge.

2. We need to celebrate life. We got news of friends of our age dying or have passed away. Their passing reminded us once again that life is unpredictable and health can be terribly short. Hence, I should stop worrying about what ‘ifs’ and just do it.

3. Set a reasonable budget. Booking a week-long stay at the Four Seasons in Europe? No way. Not for us. A reward that makes financial sense acts as a stress-reliever in itself and gives you the freedom to live more comfortably before and after you enjoy it. Of course, it’s OK to splurge a little on your reward — that’s the point — but there are plenty of affordable ways to do so. So with our set budget, we’ve booked hostels, bed & breakfasts, churches, hostals and farmhouses for our stay in Europe. The splurge – hospitality tickets to an EPL match.

4.Money can always be earned. Thrift is my middle name. So no worries, the budget can be re looked and some ‘wants’ can be cancel out. No more magazines and coffee sessions with friends will be replaced with kopitiam sessions. You get the drift. Financial sacrifices will be made dengan rela hatinya. What is love without sacrifices? I am that old fashion.

Makanya, with those 4 reasons, the trip was justified. Now it’s time to pack!


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