Forever and ever, babe.

I used to get a little panicky every time my husband talks about his health. To make it worse, he likes to be so dramatic by professing he might be dying. Thus, I usually end up sucked into the black hole of dread, imagining the infinite possibilities of what could be wrong. I don’t know if it’s the same for him when it comes to my health.

Nowadays, we just go straight to the hospital if one of us is sick. Considering the amount of time we spent in hospitals ever since we got married, we are both experts in determining our pain levels. I can’t speak for the husband, but for me – I have always been sickly as a child. Ayah shared with us the only two times he slept at the WICU, KKH; first time when I was a child and second time when Ibu had cancer. I inherit Ibu‘s heart condition but I’m not on medication by choice. I also have a weak immunity system that makes me easily susceptible to other illnesses; almost every year I’m down with something. The last was bronchitis in 2010. Ayah lost count of the number of times I was admitted to the hospital. 2011 and 2012 have been so far so good, Alhamdulillah. If I feel myself coming down with something, I quickly pop some Panadol and sleep it off.

The truth is the dynamics of any marriage would usually change once a spouse is hit by a debilitating disease. What would you do if such a thing happen to you? Would you stand by your spouse and end up feeling resentful about it? Would you be in denial or take the situation head-on?  How far will you go to stand by your spouse? Forever?

As for us, we really don’t know. We take each day as it comes. So far, Faith has given us strength – prayers are effective for both depressing and frustrating moments.

Hopefully, we continue to cherish each other through whatever life may bring us. The husband’s favourite quote is Adam Sandler’s line from the movie, Click, “Forever and ever, babe.” Insya’allah.


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