Life as I know it

Here I write about my life as a wife and hopes on being the kind of person I’ve always wanted to be. Once again, I play make belief by answering random questions taken from a magazine article.

Prior to my marriage, how did I fare in terms of my relationships?

Well, I grew up as a shy girl in my teens. Plus, it did not help that I have a love-hate relationship with my weight (still do). I was/am on the heavier side. So obviously, I shied away from boys and vice-versa. However once I reached 21 years of age and entered university, things changed. I started to have many guy friends, very good ones too. Being naive, I failed to realise that the concept of platonic male female relationship is just an ideal. I broke quite a few hearts as I was not in love with them. That was when I began to reflect about what is love and what I wanted in a boyfriend or relationship. Or did I? Hmmm.

How did I finally figure things out myself?

I don’t know. The feeling just came. So I kept my faith in God. I hold on to the belief that if God lead me to him, He will also guide me through him. Happily ever after? I’m way passed that. Every thing happens for a reason. No point worrying, at the end of the day – good girls always win. Trust me. 🙂

How did I meet my husband?

Through ICQ (I-seek-you). ICQ was then the first internet-wide instant messaging service. We already knew each other’s existence back in college but we never actually get around to talking. 4 years later, we met on ICQ. The moment we went on our separate ways after our first date, he smsed me that the date went okay. I guess he was attracted to me and figured that we were physically compatible. We still remember to this very day how we both looked, what we wore on the first date, what we ate and the song that was playing in the background. Simei BK will forever hold a special place for both of us – our first date. It’s still there.

And then he started to break up with me?

8 times before we finally got married. He got a lot of issues (I like to think of it that way. Lol.) before eventually realizing that I was the one. My good friends said my love life is similar to a Hindustani love story, complete with a crying Hero at the bus stop with the rain pouring when he found out that the Heroin was going to be married off to another guy. So Vasantham. Oh by the way, the husband is Indian. So what do you expect? Haha.

We’ve been married for nearly six years, how have things worked out?

We’re not very good at being husband and wife because we break all the convention and rules. So whatever. At the end of the day, we are each other all-time favourite half. We are both ‘ohsem’ in our own ways. There is always work and compromise, and many really stupid moments like screaming upon seeing creepy crawlies – that’s not the wifey. No kids? Oh well, life goes on. For my ramblings on ‘no kids’ issues – read the following: ‘A woman’s worth’ and ‘Of Saka, Tangkal & Pengasih’.

Do we ever fight?

Always. And no, we rarely make peace before we sleep. Nonetheless, we share the same priorities in life and the most important thing is that we are so comfortable with each other that we can be our own idiotic selves.

What are my goals now?

Live life meaningfully and work towards an eventually good end in life. Insya’allah.

Come what may, no one can confidently say he/she will be alive tomorrow. Scary huh? That’s life as I know it.


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