Back to Old Trafford

Between the husband and myself, we have agreed that the task of planning trips is the wifey’s responsibility. So every year, I would plan for several trips 6 months in advance. Reason – cheaper airfare prices.

It’s a gamble. I know. But if I’m going to have many buts, we would end up not going for any holiday at all. And that is not good because that’s the only way, I reward myself after spending hours at work. I don’t do designer bags, clothings and other womanly splurges. All work no play = unhappy Zetty = unhappy Skazeisk.

Anyway, 2012 has been an emotional year for me. We cancelled 2 trips – one to Kuching and another to Silkroad, China. I got my refunds, at least 80% of it. No regrets. I don’t mind the loss as I got to spend time with Ibu. So the plan is to reschedule all those trips next year as the end of year trip has been planned. This time around, the husband kickstarted the planning by booking a Man Utd hospitality tickets in December before we even bought the airfare tickets.

This is the card that started it all. Thus the year end trip will have to include the match in Manchester. Sigh. I’ve been there 4 years ago and I’m not a fan exactly. So back to Old Trafford, we go and a few other places, to be revealed soon. 🙂


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