10 things I miss about you

20121106-155205.jpgNot in order of preferences:

1. Your random and out of the blue smses and calls. And it’s was never always about something important. I suspect it’s just a reminder that we’ve not talked for some time.

2. Your hugs which can calm and soothe me. I do not know why but those hugs can cause all my worries to dissipate into thin air.

3. ‘Golek-golek’ in bed with you talking about the world around us. I was like a small girl every time I get to lie in bed with you. Being a grown up is no fun.

4. Your cooking. It was the best and no one can do it better than you did. I miss your asam pedas ikan duri, sambal tumis sardin and kuah singgang.

5. Your all knowing advice. You always knew the right answer to my silent questions. Even though I kept mum about my problems, you knew, call it a mother’s instinct.

6. Going Geylang with you. It was fun being with the makciks. Plus I learnt a lot from you – which shop to buy certain stuffs.

7.Menge’teh’ with you at Afghan. We have been doing it eversince I was 17 years old. I fell in love with Afghan because of you.

8. Someone who fussed about me. Only you can make me feel loved, really.

9. Arguing with you about everything under the sky. I remember all those silent wars between us. You will always be the first one to break the silence by apologizing and crying. So drama. Reflecting back, I regretted all those times I wanted to ‘win’.

10. Your reminders about religion. Every Islamic occasion, you never fail to remind us what to do – sunnah prayers, special does etc.

You were right. I really miss you, Ibu. Your birthday is coming next week and you won’t be there to comfort me that all will be well. Alfateha.


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