A journey back in time to the different stages of development and progress. It was a chance for Ayah to reminisce his growing years back then in Kampung Bedok. A chance for us both to revisit the village we first came to love last year.

This time round, we came as part of a bigger group. It was a trip for many purposes – qurban, a madrasah in the making, distribution of donations and recce for future village aid. We are not members of any organisation. It’s a long story which started by a google search. Never underestimate the power of Google. Lol. But going through an organisation helps reduce red tape. Don’t bother, we are still skazeisk, the underachievers.

Anyway, back to the trip. It’s not for those who crave comfort. We went to several villages in both Vietnam and Cambodia. Time literally passed really slow there. The pace is slow and it’s good to know our fellow muslims are getting by comfortably by their own standards. They are a happy lot. It’s true, the happiest people aren’t those who have everything but those who makes the best of what they have.

We thank God for the opportunity to meet them as it was more for us than for them. We need reminders that there’s more to life than acquiring the latest gadgets and keeping up with the Joneses or in the Malay context, keeping up with the Melayu baru. It’s through travel, we take a journey into ourselves.

For those who are quick to point out that we can do this kind of thingie because we have no kids, that’s a fair point. Having kids would probably mean we have to work out an alternative with them included. Blame Ayah for instilling the love for travel at such a young age. Mine started at 9.

Travelling has been my passion even before I was married. Thank God for like minded girlfriends, life was an adventure. Settling down, I am grateful for a partner who shares my love to travel although his kind of travelling is different from what I have in mind.

Budget travelling may break or make bonds. However, that’s the only way I know how travel. The times we got upgrades or better accommodation are most compliments. It pays to be nice and kind with your words. Not happy? Just email and explain your concerns with tact. It works.

Anyway, if you are one of those who wondered why the qurban done overseas are not standardize, well because dealing with officials in developing countries are not as straightforward as here. Maybe one day, it’ll be – hopefully and insha allah.

With that, I share some of the photos we took that past weekend.








Ma’a salama. Insya’Allah.


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