Love is Cinta

Nothing beats something made with love. My sister has been busy lately, trying out new baking creations. When Ibu was sick, she made sure we practise our cooking and baking skills. Ibu would ask us to cook/bake her certain food. So yes, as a result we became more familiar with our ways in the kitchen. Thanks Ibu for having the foresight. Ibu never failed to remind us that the recipe is just a guide and the most important ingredient is the ‘love’ we put in making our food. Hence, ‘made with cinta ‘ because C is for Cinta (love in Malay). Never try to enter the kitchen with anger, sadness and whatever unhappy emotions. Don’t bother because the food will never taste delicious. Everyone can cook/bake. We just need to practise. Practice makes perfect. Maybe one day, ‘Made with Cinta’ will become a reality.


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