A beautiful presence

There’s a Malay saying’ “Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti” – whatever is broken will grow back, whatever is lost will be replaced. Ibu left us on 18 August 2012, 1030hrs. Nuhaa entered our lives on 6th Oct 2012, 0405hrs. Her presence is definitely a beautiful present to us.

Meet Nuhaa. The new addition to my bunch of niece and nephews. I remembered back in January this year, Ibu mentioned of a small girl in her dreams. She knew the little girl  is her future granddaughter. She also knew her time will be up. This was before my brother’s announcement that his wife was pregnant and it was too early to confirm the gender. Ibu was so sure that the little girl was his child who will take over her place on earth. 5 months later, it was no surprise when they confirmed her gender.

Sadly, Ibu is no longer here to celebrate the birth of Nuhaa. It’s not because she did not want to wait but because she couldn’t. So to little Nuhaa, don’t be sad that you no longer have a maternal grandmother to love you. Rest assured, Ayah, your Tok Wan, will love you dearly. Us, your aunties & uncles, inclusive.

This is little Nuhaa at age 2 days old. Insya’allah, may Nuhaa grows up to be a smart and wonderful muslimah. Amin.


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