Legoland Malaysia

It’s a case of many playgrounds within a big playground. Perfect for kids and tweens alike. Definitely, worth the visit and with the many internet discount vouchers available, it was value for money. Just remember to print out the vouchers with the serial number. We got ours courtesy of Reader’s Digest.

The crowd is building up and come school holidays next month, I’m pretty sure it’ll be soon packed with Singaporeans. With the SGD1= RM2.47, what’s not to like. Legoland is only 20 minutes after crossing the 2ndlink. Lucky for us, Ayah has a house in Nusa. It was just a less than 10 minute drive there.

All the rides are family friendly. Nonetheless, there is a minimum height requirement for some rides for safety reasons. So poor Aniq had to miss them. Let’s hope he grows taller in the coming months.

The roller coaster ride was harmless by adults standard but for these two kids, it was a case of overcoming their fear of the unknown and heights. Haziq was clinging onto Pak Long for his dear life. Priceless moment to be shown when he’s getting married.

Do stay till closing, 8pm. That’s when all the Lego buildings are at the prettiest. Bring a good camera to capture all the mini buildings.

We definitely had a great time. By the way, my sister bought the annual pass for the family which works out very cheap since they are intending to go every fortnight.It is also advisable to bring your own food and drinks because as expected the things sold are all overpriced. A burger can cost up to RM15 and a soft drink, RM6. They priced it against European standards. Ouch for us, Asians. Since the Medini Mall is just outside, do some junk food stocking up.

Overall, Legoland has a charm of its own. We all grew up playing with blocks those days. There will be new attractions to be added later on – the water theme park and the themed hotel. Stay tune.


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