A different kind of Eid

Come October, we’ll be celebrating Eid-ul-Adha in Vietnam & Cambodia, just like last year. This time around, Ayah & Atiqa will be joining us together with his other sister’s family.

Last year, thanks to Google, we ended up celebrating Eid in a province 100km from Ho Chi Minh. An eye opener, indeed. Meet my travelling partners for the 4 days. I was the only woman. Travelling with pakciks is no different from makciks really. I get free biskuts and gula-gula. 🙂

They had one classroom for the entire village kids. And also one teacher.

The Qurban meat was then barbecued for everyone. The journey was made more smoother with the help of Trang, a Christian lady. Tay Ninh is her native province. She was the one who mooted the idea of coming to her province. Aid goes beyond religion.

Nowadays, it’s very so often we see more and more Singaporeans Muslims doing Qurban overseas – cheaper, confirm the people are poorer than those in Singapore etc. To each their own. We have our own reasons too. Let’s keep it personal. It doesn’t matter where one does his/her qurban just as long the blessing of the qurban is shared by the poor and needy in addition to the most important factor: the sacrifice is done with an open and happy heart. Insya’allah.

For more photos:  https://plus.google.com/photos/111160887160962383036/albums/5672172657050875633?banner=pwa


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