I am deeply touched by the kind words and the personal messages received throughout my mother’s journey. Trust me, every word was comforting. To know that quite a number of my friends had gone through the same thing made me realised that I wasn’t alone.

On behalf of Ibu, I would like to thank all my mother’s friends who came to visit her 2 weeks before her passing at her short notice request and respected her decision not to see her after that (now, I’m makcik friendly too, yeah!), my relatives (you know who you are, far and near), mama + baba (for everything) and of course, the medical staff (especially HCA) who tended and cared for her.No more updates on Ibu. Now, it will be more about Ayah. He’s still deciding where he’ll be staying, woodlands/punggol come next year. Whatever it is, as promised to Ibu, Eti will jaga Ayah, even if it means changing work place to up north. How about Atiqa? Hakim has been entrusted by Ibu to find her a good husband. Yup, that was how she was – now, every one of us has promises to keep.

We are blessed. Allah gives us the opportunity to be prepared for the moment. Me and my family will definitely find comfort in in each other’s love and may memories of happier times sustain us during our time of sadness.


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