Thanks for the support

Letter of Appreciation

My mother, Zaiton Bte Omar, was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer in February 2012. She was one of the many patients who have had the privilege of benefitting from the services provided by HCA Hospice care. She was referred to HCA Hospice Care by her oncologist after treatment was no longer effective in June 2012. Before this, the concept of end-of-life care was foreign to us. The fact that it was free, surprised us. Mdm Zaition has since passed on last Saturday, 18 August 20120 on the eve of Hari Raya. She was a feisty lady who took responsibility for her final affairs such as arranging her friends’ visits, writing letters to her loved ones and requesting how she would want to go.

On behalf of my family, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the whole team who tended and cared for my mother. As healthcare professionals, the team have displayed high level of patience, responsibilities and passion in their job. They have been a great help to our family providing valuable advice. Their services have far exceeded our expectations.

Special mention to Nurse Irene who not only look into my mother’s medical needs but her psycho-social needs. She was spot on with regards to my mother’s then state of emotions and managed to help us address the issue. It was my mother’s specific wish not to rely on morphine and other painkillers with funny names as deemed by her. Nurse Irene understood and respected her decision. We are grateful for that. The day before my mother passed on, Nurse Irene came to provide comfort for my mother and it certainly did not feel like a home visit. We are touched that she never fail to make my mother special. Most of the time, she even double up as our counsellor. She never fail to remind us that she’s just a phone call away.

Special mention also goes to Dr Chong Poh Heng whose visit left a deep impact on my mother. He related to my mother well and understood her fears. He managed to allay my mother’s biggest fear of being a burden to the family. He reassured my mother to be open and give us the opportunity to care for her just like she once did when we were young. The next day after his visit, my mother spent a quality day with the entire family. We are also appreciative of his advice on how my mother would pass on and what to expect.

Throughout my mother’s last journey, we never felt alone nor unsupported. In fact, HCA Hospice Care has given us the confidence to ensure quality care for our mother at home. Whenever there was an emergency and we were unsure how to help our mother, the hospice home care service was just a phone call away.The knowledge gained from the caregiver training has also helped us in providing the right care for our beloved mother.

My dad was by her side when she passed on. He requested this letter of appreciation. We are thankful for the invaluable support HCA Hospice Care has given us and my mother.

Thank you, for touching our lives and making a difference.


Family of beloved wife & mother, Zaition Omar.


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