Ibu’s Cancer Chronicles I


This post chronicles Ibu’s cancer journey. By the way, Ibu means Mother in Malay. It will be updated daily.

25-29 Dec 2011 – Ibu was warded at CGH ward 25. Low blood. Abnormal vaginal bleeding. I told doctor to check if she has cancer. Transferred to KKH.

26 Jan 2012 – Ibu received a call. She has cancer.

30 Jan- 4 Feb 2012 – Ibu was warded at KKH ward 42 to confirm her type of cancer and staging. Cancer growth at her neck area was removed on 1 Feb.

22 Feb 2012 – Ibu’s first visit to see her oncologist, Dr Lim, at GCC. Confirmed endometrial cancer stage 4.

27 Feb 2012 – At GCC. “…the treatment is intended to maintain a good quality life for the patient when long term control is not possible.” Appreciates the “comfort care” as prescribed by the oncologist. 🙂

2 Mar 2012 – Ibu’s first chemotheraphy at KKH

9 Mar 2012 – Review with Dr Lim at GCC

23 Mar 2012 – Since 8am. First stop, visited Nadia and Hakim at their ward. Second stop blood test for Ibu, waiting to see doctor at 10 before 2nd chemo at noon. A long day ahead. Both Nadia and Ibu are at level 7. Easy for my bro to check on them. 🙂

27 Apr 2012 – It’s been awhile since Ibu did her last chemo. Her haemoglobin level is low. So it has been weekly consultations, blood tests and scans. Getting Ibu to eat can mean war nowadays. But someone has to play the evil role since nobody wants to.Yey, it’s chemo time. Ibu got her wish to do chemo today. Yes, she’s loving it. However, it’s time to move to alternative care. Chemo hasn’t been effective for her. Radiotheraphy daily sessions at SGH, next. Time to relook into everyone’s schedule.

She went through a total of 3 Chemo sessions (2 Mar -27 Apr)

13 May 2012 – Celebrated Mother’s Day. Weak.

18-21 May 2012 – Ibu was warded at ward 42 KKH. 8 pints of blood transfused.

19 May 2012 – Heavy bleeding. “It’s gonna be a long nite. The pain and bleeding has worsened. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. No medicine can reduce ibu’s pain. Leaving everything in Allah’s care.”

20 May 2012 – 2am, KKH. Both of us look like the typical problematic Malay couple who had no where to go. Lying around in our sleep wear. The irritating security guard chased us out of the ward. Only 1 can stay at the POA. My lil sis is with Ibu. We sent Ayah home, he’s just in a bad state.

21 May 2012 – Ibu’s medicine dosage has been increased.

22 May 2012 – Pre-Radiation Therapy (RT) procedure at SGH

23 May 2012 – “aku adukan kedudukan dan kesedihanku kepada Allah.” yusuf:86

24 May 2012 – RT 1

25 May 2012 – RT 2, see doctor. Pain scale – 9. Ibu is trying one more night at home. Doc says, “We cannot do much. Tumour too big. She’s already taking a lot of medicines. If anything, please bring her to A&E, don’t wait til Monday.” Only have doas when medicine fails. Ibu’s reaction to radiotheraphy is crazy. One moment, she’s ok. Another moment, she’s incoherent. She vomitted her medicine and made me go through all her books to read all ayats that she knew of. She still has 15 sessions to go. Insya’allah. “حَسْبِيَ اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ”

28 May 2012 – 1st Review of RT with Dr Yeo.  To discuss: stronger painkillers or increase radiation dosage.

30 May 2012 – Ibu took Codeine.

31 May 2012 – Ibu took morphine. It will rain. Poor lil sis has been crying to sleep every day. She can’t bear to even fill the syringe. Surely, with each difficulty there is ease. Insya’allah.

1 Jun 2012 –  I gave my mom, Codeine, and I went through the worst 30 minutes of my life. My lil sis gave my mom, Morphine Sulphate and she went through the worst 2 hours of her life. We nearly thought we lost our mom those 2 times. No more drugs tonight. Just panadols and prayers. God have mercy on my mom. Bruno Mars was wrong. The Verve was correct – The drugs don’t work. :S

4 Jun 2012 – Review at GCC. Scheduled a kidney scan for next week.

11 Jun 2012 –  Left KKH DI after a kidney scan @ 330pm, nurse said ok, see you in 2 weeks time. @430pm, nurse called and said urgent, see you this Wed @ GCC.

12 Jun 2012 – HCA Hospice 1st family conference

13 Jun 2012 – GCC

14 Jun 2012 – CT Scan, suspected secondary cancer growth

15 Jun 2012 – Ibu’s last RT (17 RT sessions 24 May -15 Jun)

18 Jun 2012 – HCA Hospice doctor’s first home visit & belated father’s day celebration

19 Jun 2012 – til present Ibu gets tired easily, more sleep but her appetite has been good this week. Nonetheless, none of her food stays in her stomach for long. Less moody.


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