Joie de vivre


Ibu has been weak since the last weekend. My intention of celebrating Father’s Day with Ayah on Sunday had to be put on hold. Monday morning, Ibu smsed me that she wanted to treat my dad to a Father’s Day dinner and asked me to recommend a place aside from those in Woodlands. The problem is Ibu cannot travel very far because of many factors. However, the prospect of going out, eating out as a family and enjoying good food made her adamant.

So I planned a mini surprise for my dad. He doesn’t know that after the HCA folks’ visit we were going out. By the way, I did consult the HCA doctor about my intention. His answer was, your mom is degenerating, make her happy and we try to keep her as long as we can. Sweet. So far all the doctors treating my mom have been great – Dr Lim Sheow Lei (KKH), Dr Richard Yeo (SGH) & Dr Dennis (HCA).

Coming back to going out, I told my dad that we’re visiting my second sis in Changi for a mini celebration. He was apprehensive but it’s another house so my mom can choose to lie down whenever she wanted. Prayed maghrib but since he was driving, I had to tell him the venue. My dad scolded me for not thinking of my mom. Told him it was my mom’s idea and he finally went along.

We had a nice dinner with crabs, crayfish, steamboat etc. Lovely night full of laughter, teasing and senseless jokes. Why do we always have seafood with Ibu? Ibu’s dad was a fisherman. She grew up eating seafood. So that’s comfort food for her.

We’re happy that she enjoyed her food though at 1020pm at night my little sister smsed me that next time, no more outings. Ibu did not manage to keep her food down. Yup, it’s of no wonder her weight drops by a kg every week. Oh well, for what it’s worth, I’m sure Ibu was extremely happy for 40 minutes yesterday. 🙂


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