A note from my lil sis

Sweet.  About a year ago this month:

Kak Ety

by Nur Atiqa on Monday, 13 June 2011 at 00:09 ·
I’m really sorry for what I’ve done.You’ve been there for me through my thick and thin. Since little, I relied too much on you that even at this age, I still need you to guide me, to be there for me. Sometimes I just felt that you’re more like my second parent to me aside from ayah and ibu compared to being my sister.

I tried to be independent, I tried to make everything goes smoothly but everything just went wrong. It comes to a point that I can’t help that I kept blaming myself for everything and it really demoralize me.

Many times, you told me to stand up for myself. I’m just scared. Easiest way out is just to endure.That’s my weakness. I hate confrontations. I’m sorry that I made as though you’re like my punching bag. I’ve never once doubted you.

I would have give up half way but you kept on encouraging me. And I’m thankful that I have you as my sister.

I know, I’m still a kid. I know I need to learn how to grow and be independent. I’m trying my best. In future, I know I can’t keep on relying on you, but correct me when I make mistakes along the way.


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