A lot has happened since we last blogged. Here’s a summary:

  1. We got a free 3D2N stay at Casa Del Rio, Malacca, in March 2011
  2. Atuk passed away in May 2011. Al Fatehah.
  3. We went to Nepal in June 2011.
  4. Is got a promotion.
  5. My only brother got married in Sept 2011.
  6. We had a different kind of Eid in Vietnam in Nov 2011.
  7. We did our first Umrah together in Dec 2011.
  8. We went to Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia in Dec 2011.
  9. We revisited Jakarta & Bandung in Jan 2012.
  10. Ibu was diagnosed with endometrial cancer stage 4 in Jan 2012.
  11. Zetty went on part time teaching scheme starting from March 2012.
  12. No holidays in June 2012.

Will blog about each one in details soon. Till then & home is still @ Punggol.


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