Planning a travel itinerary

Last week, I shared with my brother my upcoming trip itinerary. He was surprised that I actually plan my itinerary D.I.Y. Seriously, if you loathe travelling with 20 other strangers on a trip and going to shops coerced into buying overpriced things you don’t want, please travel on your own. The risks of travelling alone and on a tour are more or less the same – simply no guarantee. Remember the Hongkong tourists whose bus got hijacked. Try it, plus you save more. All one need are the internet connection and a debit mastercard. Here I would like to share some useful websites when planning a trip.
Booking of flights
1. Airasia – good for Asian destinations
2. – fast & reliable, one can book flights for multiple destinations
Booking of hotels
Booking of packages
1. Airasiago – booked our Mystery Hotel Package Phuket @ 3 star price for 5 star package
2. – saves more when booking flight & hotels
Most important – Do read reviews
Tripadvisor – Simply the best.
Yup, one can still do budget travelling yet enjoy it.This is one website with unbiased reviews of tours, hotels, things to do and much more. I’ve booked hotels/B&B based on the reviews. Spot on. Even better, the reviewers also wrote about the ghostly encounters they had, so one can avoid such places.
Like any internet purchases, please exercise caution. Have fun. 🙂

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