Honeymoon ideas

My brother is planning his honeymoon next year. Hence, this post. The choice of a honeymoon destination is not important. The company is what matters. With that said, I’m just listing places and blogging my thoughts about the following places based on my travels. Just some thoughts. I am not trying to be a smart alecky person. Elo, this post is directed to my brother given his budget constraints, expecially.
For a romantic honeymoon – Try Langkawi, Sabah, Bali, Lombok, Krabi, Phuket & Maldives. Get a nice room upgrade in a resort and you are all set to drown in each other eyes.
For an adventurous honeymoon – Try Morocco, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia to name a few. Get on a plane and drive through the country. Get lost and learn new things about your partner.
For an exotic honeymoon – Try China, India, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan and the list extends to countries which are not exactly modern by Singaporeans’standards.This will be one honeymoon where one has to be open about other cultures.
For shopaholics on honeymoon – Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Japan, Dubai, London, France, US and the list extends to countries whose goods sold in Singapore are definitely cheaper in the country of origin. Think Louis Vuitton in Europe, Zara in Spain.
For soccer fans on honeymoon – Germany for Bundesliga fans, UK for EPL fans, Spain for La liga & World Cup fans etc. So both of you’ll be going from one stadium to another and catching a match in action. just make sure both of you are rooting for the same team.
For a spiritual honeymoon – Umrah / Haj. No comment.

For a staycation honeymoon – Sentosa/ Orchard if you want to splurge or get a HDB flat and stay at home until your leave ends. After all, some have said that some of the most memorable honeymoons have been spent entirely in a hotel room. All the best! 


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