Budget accomodation

When I was younger, travelling meant sleeping in hostels, cheap motels or guesthouses. My budget then was $SGD8-10 a room, mind you, shared by 3-4 of us travel mates. Lonely planet was my travelling bible aside from my must have, mini Quran.
However, years have passed. I’m no longer a struggling student. But that does not mean my habits have changed. I still do budget accomodation while travelling but my budget has increased accordingly based on my level of comfort. I no longer want to sleep on dubious mattresses and share toilets with other backpackers.  
Nonetheless, I still do backpack but with a trolley bag and a higher budget. More like $SGD70-90 a room. I take into consideration that my other half is not like me at all. He needs a comfortable bed and clean room. There is no compromise about that. He has a sensitive nose and back injury. I just need a clean toilet to crap every morning. Period. Free breakfast is really a bonus at those prices.
With that in mind, I scoured reviews after reviews at Tripadvisor. Filtered by ratings and my budget, I managed to secure some places at such prices. Bear in mind, the key to really getting the accomodation you want is to book early. Distance to and fro attractions are also important so that you can save on transportation costs. The accomodation for next month’s trip was booked early last month.
Here I give 2 examples of my upcoming accomodation ranked one by travellers under the B&B category at Tripadvisor: 
Hostal Rodri @ Granada, Spain. It is a small, family-run hostel, with ten comfortable rooms, a lift, a lounge with TV and Wi-Fi area, terrace and private garage.
A room at 38 Euros, it’s definitely a steal.
Next, Casa Perletta @ Chefchaouen, Morocco. At 45 Euros inclusive of breakfast. Charming. We got ourselves a room at the second level. So the view from the terrace will be as follows:
The blue-rinsed walls, typical of most Chefchaouen’s houses and buildings, a tradition that comes from the town’s former Jewish population.
White and blue hues, hopefully sweeter dreams.

For both accomodation, I liased with the direct owners via the official hotel website. They were prompt and professional. There, I’ve shared how I booked my accomodation online. Yes, you can definitely go cheaper. It just depends really on what you need. Good night!


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