Blissfully Batam

There was no plan for the Deepavali long weekend. Initially, the wifey wanted to go Jogja. Lucky, we didn’t book. Airasia cancelled flights due to the eruption of Gunung Merapi. Then, we wanted to make our way to KL (yup, again…it’d be our 4th/5th time if we did, this year). However, Man & Yan suggested going to Batam since their kids will be staycationing at Tuk Wan’s place. 

So that’s how we ended up in Batam. Aside from getting new curtains and eating cheap seafood, there was nothing else on the agenda. Man & Yan managed to get their much wanted massage. The hubby is happily asleep. Even Man’s repeated invite to jump into a jacuzzi pool could not drag him out of the bed. There’s something about Batam that just induces him to lalaland. 
Anyway, with iPhone4, our photos just got snazzy. Have fun, look look…
Diana’s secret rendezvous. 😉
Hubby posing with his Gucci specs.
The quintessential Batam drink.
Pake ada kepiting, gonggong, udang dan lain-lain. 
Berbaloi sekali.
Some more dishes. Total 7 dishes.
Satisfied customers.
933 Golden Prawn
Snapshot @ Nagoya hill
Roti Coksuke – Coklat + Susu + Keju = Resipi for diabetes
Man & his Coksuke – Enak banget
For more, view our ”There’s something about Batam” web album.

Fyi – our 2D1N free & easy Batam cost 110 sgd courtesy of Bik Tonah @ Halijah, Man’s friendly aunty (we can confirm that). Includes transport, a day guide, transfers, seafood lunch & iHotel room. A real good deal. Pasti pas!

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