Journeying through life

If you want to know someone very well, travel with the person. See if you still like the person after the trip. There is no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. Trip here is define as anything more than 3 days.
I simply like to travel. Period. To anywhere. Travelers don’t really know where they’re going. So usually I’ll end up lost. This is where the role of one’s travel companion is very important. The travel companions need not complement each other. That’s a bonus but a rarity. He/She just needs to be willing to be patient and together work to get back on course.Not easy, especially when both of your comfort zones are being tested.Travelling is only glamorous in retrospect.Similarly the case with marriage.
Because of that also, I personally feel that the choice of a life partner should mirror the choice of a travel companion. Like travel, it is an adventure. No guarantee of a destination. There is no way to control it. One just grows and be a better person.

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