Bandung – beauty, charm and adventure

What we like about our time in the Paris Of Java:
The old train station – like taking a trip down memory lane.
Half the fun of travelling is getting lost
and getting on each other’s nerves.
Free and easy, most of the time, we didn’t know where we’re going.
Plus, it’s a known fact we’re bad with directions.
The weather was cooling at 23 degrees.
Cloudy days has a melancholic feel to it.
We love it.
 The decor and ambience – totally surreal.
Learn to discern. Finding beauty in the amidst of chaos.
The shopping was never enough with FOs and the famed Pasar Baru.
Old photos – transporting one to another era of the yesteryear.
Vintage never runs out of fashion.
Food aplenty and there’s a variety.
Nasi Timbel – a staple.
Nasi Tutug – an acquired taste.
A typical Sundanese fare.
Sedep di lidah, sedep di hati.
Sweet desserts. Life is short, eat dessert first.
This is Serabi pisang keju, one of the many desserts Bandung has to offer.
Hilton Bandung – spacious and contemporary.
Bandung hospitality at its best.
Baba’s business friend of 15 years, Bapak Hermanto, was there throughout making sure we are comfortable and safe.
Terima kasih Bapak sekeluarga.
There are many more memories of Bandung.
One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
Bandung not only opened our eyes, she has opened our senses. We appreciate that.
Farewell, til we meet again, this we promise you.

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