Argo Parahyangan

@ 50, 000 rupiah one way on weekdays, it’s a steal.
3hr 30 min.
A quiet and relaxing ride through the captivating and serene padi fields.
Nonetheless, for those who would want a faster option, one can travel back and forth between the two cities on the Cipularang toll road. Before it was built, people had to drive through the winding, mountain roads of Puncak and Padalarang to reach Bandung from Jakarta. Now, when there are no traffic jams it cuts travel time from Jakarta to Bandung in half to 2 hours.
As result, it brought the economy Jakarta-Bandung rail service to end. Argo Parahyangan came about recently with the closure of the Parahyangan train service, which has been operating for decades, on April 27 2010. Argo Parahyangan is actually Argo Gede, renamed to consist entirely of executive-class carriages, a move to decrease financial losses from low passenger numbers.
There’s something old-fashioned about traveling by train.
Watching the world passes by – snippets of unfamiliar towns, mountains or valleys in the distance.
Capturing blur images. All we ever need is what we have.

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