Jakarta Post

Yesterday was simply a day of blunders.
The hubby realized he forgot his passport at the airport.
We flew in the rain to Jakarta via Airasia.
Think lightning and thunder.
The wifey with the weaker heart nearly vomitted her breakfast.
Bak Mie Goreng @ 27 000 rupiah.
Other than a few drops, it was a smooth flight. The stewardess thought we were natives on the way home, hence we were not given any arrival immigration cards. So upon touching down, we had to get the cards at one of the counters.
Outside the airport, the wifey’s turn to blunder – an expensive one.
Baba, a veteran Indonesia commuter, reminded us to take a Bluebird taxi to the hotel.
However, the wifey made a mistake and instead got them a Silverbird executive limo service.
She only realized her mistake when she had to pay a whooping 390k rupiah for the service.
Baba said it should cost less than 100k rupiah.
Seeing the receipt, she went “Ooops, Alamak Sayang, we got ourselves an Alphaard lah.”
To be fair, the 1 hour ride was luxurious – we watched Sherlock Holmes, got bottled mineral drinks and read newspapers on the way to the hotel.
Our hotel is Le Grandeur Mangga Dua, purposely chosen so that we could stay in the Mangga Dua bubble. The hotel is 4 star with free wi-fi for booking of deluxe rooms and better. Facilities wise nothing to shout for.
Our Hainanese Chicken Rice – in room dining.
Food was great – room service, buffet dinner and breakfast.
Anyway, the Mangga Dua bubble takes quite some time for us to get use to. Unstructured and unorganised. Chaotic is an understatement. Cheap grosir prices.
 Unfortunately, we are not the shopping couple. So we just soaked in the atmosphere. Plus, the wifey is never a fashionista.
We also went to Plaza Senayan, one of the grand malls here.
Very Chic. Foodwise – everything is great.
Once again, we just window shopped.
Wanted to go to other modern malls but practical needs won over unnecessary wants.
We got our usual fix of Jus Alpukat.
Would we come back to Jakarta? Well nope. Pretentious. 
An avant garde ghetto at best. 
A city of dichotomy where chic and shabby co-exist. Interesting yet disturbing.

For photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/skazeisk/JakartaBandung


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