2 cents worth

It’s the last day title fight for the premiership with Chelsea and Manchester United both still able to take the title. Like they say in football, nothing is decided until the final whistle.
Chelsea with one point ahead, will only have to beat Wigan later to secure the title. If they draw, or lose however, and Man U can beat Stoke City, the title will belong to the reds. So reds or blues? Frankly speaking, based on the season performance, the blues deserve it. Nonetheless, Wigan could do it again and beat Chelsea. Anything is possible, anything can happen.
The hubby will be watching the big season finale and obviously he’s rooting for Man U. As for me, I’m neutral and will be turning in for the night. Come tomorrow morning, whichever team wins won’t surprise me. There will be another EPL title to fight for come next season. Same old. Same old.

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