Addicts Anonymous

Time check 535am. A Saturday. For once, it’s a non-working Saturday. Why can’t I sleep in later?! To think that I’m down with fever, flu and seeing stars. Medicine seems not to have an effect on me at all. The metallic aftertaste of medicine only makes me want to puke. Let’s not go into flam. I just blew my nose and what colour do I see – green. Had been awake since 4am. Yup, that’s a normal start of the day for the wifey. Took me quite a while to digest that today is a non-working day. Next Saturday is.
Was sick since yesterday. Should have taken mc but then again I did not. Simply because I was mentally ok. For me, being sick is a state of mind. I would only take mc if I’m sad. My kind of job requires me to be in control of kids. If I can’t psyched myself, I believe I should not make others worse off. Trust me, when I’m miserable, I’m really evil. Ask my mom. My words could kill. Poor innocent children have cried when I’m normal. What more when I’m miserable. So far, up to today, I’ve taken 1 day of mc. There were 2 years when I did not take any mc at all.
Work is a drug, occupying a sense of urgency so fully that I would not have any appetite for other stuffs until I complete my list. I sulk if I have to do other stuffs not on the list. Those who have yet to know me can never fathom why I disregard datelines and do things ahead of time. It’s just me. I have no intention of spoiling market. Really. However, please do not assume that when I say work is a drug to me, I enjoy it. Nope. One just need a little to get going. Yup, I’m weird. Thank goodness, I married someone like me.
Though the hubby would beg to differ in one area. He thinks I’m his worst vice, a more powerful drug. I’m like heroin to him. He said that years before Edward Cullen popularized the quote “You’re like my own personal brand of heroine.”
This post was blogged after consuming
a concoction of so called potent medicine.
Achoo…need to change my stained with flam shirt.

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