Eversince I watched It’s Complicated, I could not get over a particular scene. It’s a food scene when Jane (Meryl Streep) takes Adam(Steve Martin) to her upscale bakery after hours and says she will make him anything he wants on the menu. He chooses the chocolate croissant. Then, Jane rolls out croissant dough, guiding his hands with hers, there and then I went AWWW. The croissant-dough scene made me determine to learn pastry cause it doesn’t appear difficult to make. I should have known better.
That was before I learn how to make a pastry dough.
My take – tedious, tiring and boring.
Also, I did not look the least bit gorgeous bathed in flour.
I realized patience is not my virtue.
The pix are my attempts at savoury turnovers.
Til next entry – chocolate croissant.

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