The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik

The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik is a travelogue turns reality TV show at 8TV.
Managed to catch it while we were in Malaysia.
A bunch of mamats who can sing and ride in a beat-up Volkswagon Kombi (so retro) heading to 9 states for an adventure, the road less travelled. What we liked – the show featured music from local indie acts as its soundtrack and was tastefully edited. The mamats gatecrashed gigs, met with the locals and lots more. Basically, no storyline, just pure mamats self indulgence. Dialogue wise, nothing witty, 100% Manglish, though at times  incoherent. Think mamats who basically tak kerja, no problem, no worries, jalan-jalan with dslr, macbook, videocamera and tangkap indie cool aje. With characters named Fungus, Bobo, Lala loco and Gambit, the music travelogue is packaged to attract the youngsters.
 Opening montage of the show.
The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik aka A simple mat’s life.
Sigh. The mamats are basically living our dreams. We too had a similar idea of doing such things but we are practical people who actually ‘work’ plus our parents would scream if we pursue the idea. Remember our ‘lost’ episodes. Which is why we can only afford to become fans and worship the Hoppers & the Ahli Muzik. Maybe one day. Who knows…

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