Life lessons pick up from movies

From Paris With Love –
Catch it if you like an action flick movie. Plot wise, Luc Besson wasn’t creative at all. Remember Taxi?

Too many loopholes in the plot but got nice cars (Audi & Volvo) and John Travolta is hilarious.
Weird Life lesson 1: Your sexy girlfriend whom you cohabit with is actually a Muslim suicide bomber. Hmmm, Muslim women before they die, they live life to the fullest…sex, booze everything…tsk, tsk.

Up In The Air –

It’s a thinking movie, full of heart and emotion, if you allow yourself to be immerse in the subtlety and intricate weaving of plot lines throughout the story. It resonates on so many levels, you can identify with every character in the movie. Life is really no fairytale. Things rarely go according to plan. So what do you do with your life? Just make the best out of it. People will always judge. Welcome to the world of adulthood. Nothing is what it seems. SOPs (standard operating procedures) are just mere guidelines for show, not applicable. Feeling vulnerable? Watch it.
Weird Life lesson 2: We all love athletes, cos we all want to emulate people who follow their dreams and it’s a plus, althletes get to screw models too. Athletes are living our dreams. We are all superficial beings (hic actually) who are secretly envious of Tiger Woods. Tsk, tsk.
Green Zone –
Another action flick movie, but this time with better and engaging plot. Based on a book, though you wonder about the story’s authenticity. Nonetheless, Matt Damon is as good as he was in his Bourne trilogy.
Weird Life lesson 3: Americans are manipulative lot. They made Saddam seem normal. Wait, is that even weird?!

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