On board Solitaire

Blogging, Youtubing, Surfing & Facebooking on board AGG555 en route Singapore. The hubby is in his own cocoon either watching one of the many movies on demand or at times, dozing off.

This short trip was to check out a different mode of transportation up north. And so far, Transtar has converted us.

The hubby likes it for the service, entertainment unit, comfort and the fact that he is able to be in his own world. Hence, Solitaire and First Class were our choices.
We begun our first leg of the KL trip via First Class. Cost us SGD$63 one way. It was a conscious effort to try out First Class, then Solitaire on our way back. Solitaire from Kuala Lumpur cost us SGD$50. It is always cheaper from Kuala Lumpur. The differences between First Class and Solitaire may not be significant to others but enough for the wifey to prefer Solitaire.
The differences include better massage chairs, food and WI-FI.
Snacks this time round, prepared by Delifrance, a sandwich as compared to just biscuits on board First Class, see later post for photos.
Such perks are important to the ADHD wifey who will be ignored by the hubby as he bubbled himself in his own world for the trip.

Anyway, back to the buses, loved it. Co-piloting while driving is tiring because the hubby tends to drift to Lalaland while driving. Yup, it has happened. So the wifey has to be the attendant to attend his needs while driving which includes preparing food, snacks and serving them. In addition, the wifey has to ensure that all the fave radio channels are tuned to the right frequency. Taking the bus, we have our own bus attendant to attend to our needs ala flight stewardess. Although one may snigger and say tak takut ke orang lain layan suami sendiri. My answer, gasaklah, nak tackle, tackle, lu tanggung sendiri beb. 😉

Oh ya, the bus will make a one-time 10 min stop for toilet break. Also enough for those who need to pray. Prayers done in the open, in small huts equipped with sejadahs & kiblat arrow.
Just keep the doa short. Abang-abang driver ni ada schedule to follow. We just got honked. So nope, not exactly a prayer friendly bus.
Anyway, we enjoyed the experience, now too pampered to take normal buses up north. Haha, as Mama would say ngada-ngada…;)

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